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La Pegatina


La Pegatina has been partying on the stages all over the world for 10 years now. As the band has nearly performed 900 concerts in 20 different countries, it is considered one of the most international Catalan music band of the moment.

During the Asian (China and Japan) and Latin American (Ecuador, Argentina and Uruguay) tours, audiences and medias were surprised and thrilled about the energy the group puts into their performances. At the European festivals such as Sziget and Pinkpop, crowds dripped with sweat as they danced to La Pegatina’s music. Everyone dances, sings along and smiles from the very beginning until the end of the concert. No matter which languages they are singing in! 

2014 was no exception to the rule! Audiences have to be physically prepared for the «Lloverá y yo veré tour». The ingredients for their energetic concerts are: a mix of the band’s biggest hits, constant interactivity with the public and unexpected flying, colour-filled explosive (but harmless) moments. At the end of 2014, a fifth album will be recorded to be released a few months later!

To understand more about La Pegatina’s world, a documentary about the ten years of the band was released at the end of 2013. It was directed by Chobichoba. «La Pegatina, El Docu» was presented in cinema halls all over Spain and also at the In-Èdit Festival in Barcelona. For the video game addicts, enter La Pegatina’s website to play «La Pegatina: The Game» or download it for free on your smartphone. It is a new way of listening to La Pegatina’s music while you are playing with the musicians!



"Al Carrer!", auto-edited 2007
"Via Mandarina", Kasba Music 2009
"Xapomelön", Kasba Music 2011
"Eureka!", Kasba Music 2013


Enderrock award for Best webpage
Enderrock award for Best Pop/Rock band by popular vote

ARC award for Best new band by popular vote
Musiclip award for Best Music video ("Miranda")

Enderrock award for Best Pop/Rock concert
UFI award for Best World Music album
ARC award for Best World Music Band

ARC award for Best International Tour
Filmet award for Best Music Video ("Maricarmen")

Mondosonoro award for Best "mestizaje" cd (Eureka)
Gonzoo award for Best band

"La Pegatina: El Docu", 1st place at Boom Town Film Festival (Texas, USA)
"La Pegatina: El Docu", selected at EIFF (Edmonton, Canada)
Altaveu award for our musical career


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