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Revulsiu 360º

A year ago we record a few songs with a 360 degrees camera. Here is the video of the song "El Revulsiu".
  • 22.Jun.2015

    Mexico DF

    Here is a video of one of the magical moments we could live supporting the band Los Caligaris at ...

  • 12.May.2015

    New album "Revulsiu" just released!

    You can listen our new album "Revulsiu" on youtube. You'll find chords and lyrics!You can also li...

  • 24.Apr.2015

    Una Mirada

    Second song from our fifht album about to be released, "Revulsiu". Pupul, Ska-P's lead singer, co...

  • 14.Apr.2015

    Heridas de Guerra

    This is the first music video of our fifht album. The song is "Heridas de guerra"... Rock N Fest!...