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Flashmob Dissantes

A few months ago we created a song to support handicaped people in Mataró city. the song is called "Jo soc com tu", what means "i'm like you". the association we worked with on this project made a flashmob with more than 8000 people!
  • 02.Jul.2014


  • 10.Jun.2014

    Pegachina Tour 2014

    Here is a video of our 10 days tour in China!It was great to se our friends HANGGAI and TURTLE IS...

  • 25.May.2014

    Back in China!

    We went to China three years ago. We toured with a Mongolian band called HANGGAI... Crazy men! Lo...

  • 13.May.2014

    Featuring Love of Lesbian

    We collaborated on one of Love of Lesbian's nes songs.