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"El Crit"

You may have heard this song if you came to one of our concerts this year. It is called "Tu i Jo som un crit" and it is a cover we made. The original song was is from the band VALIUS. Today it is St George, and here in Catalonia people celebrate this special day. Men may offer a rose to their girlfriend (wife...), and women may offer a book to the men. The song is close to this spirit...
  • 22.Apr.2014

    Jo sóc com tu

    New song we recorded a month ago. The lyrics are about the unknown life of handicaped people. It ...

  • 11.Apr.2014

    360° video for a new song!

    On March we played Apolo in Barcelona. We recorded a 360° video for our new song "El Revolsiu". T...

  • 07.Apr.2014

    European tour 2014

    Back to practice English and French! These coming weeks, we will be playing in Paris, Bregenz, Zu...

  • 31.Mar.2014

    With Esne Beltza

    This week we'll be playing in Zaragoza, Pamplona and Bilbao. We will share the stage with the Bas...